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I’m a giant fan of Patrick Rothfuss and his King killer chronicle. If you have time, check out this post and if you have even more time then you should read his books.

So begins again, the journeys of Zed Kholar and his best friend Wookie, Shortharr!


DM: A car screams to a stop in front of you.  A bunch of gangers jump out and ask what you’re doing on their turf.

Street Sam: I pull my gun and start shooting.

DM: What?

Street Sam: That’s the way its going to go anyway, so lets just save time and get to it.

Happens every time… Not like it’s going to be an interesting conversation anyway.

So while I watch the newest episode of Doctor Who here is an update and me basically ranting.

Over the last few months my group has been flaky and met maybe once a week. It has not helped that one of our members has decided not to join us anymore and one has moved to Seattle (I can’t blame him though his new job pays him far too much money). So we began the summer two members short, this did not help things in the slightest let me tell you. But we move forward and hope for the best! Our group has recruited three new members to replace the two we lost. Why replace two with three you may wonder, well since we have all become quite a bit more busy (most of us graduated College last may) we no longer seem to have a stable group that can meet for every game. Instead, we have formed three separate games consisting of a group of five, seven sometimes eight and six. Which at times works and other times not so much. 

Our first group consists mainly of our original members, that being myself, Alec, Matt and Ezra. With the addition of Philip as our newest member and quite new to D&D as well. He is an excellent addition and is quite silly. We are currently moving through the starter addition with our own generated 5e characters. I am playing a Drow or Dark Elf Bard soon to be bardbarian as I posted earlier, Alec is playing a White Dragon Born Warlock (His name is Gandalf, cause you know Gandalf the White Dragon Born… haha. Well we thought it was funny), Matt is playing a Druid tiefling which doesn’t make a load of sense but this is the same guy who played a 3.5 druid who was afraid of gold and was always in animal form so he has his way of playing and that is fine, and I believe that leaves us with Philip who is playing a Mountain Dwarf Barbarian! We made it through part one of the starter edition so far and it has been quite hilarious and enjoyable. With the use of the players guide and other supplements that have been released it is quite easy to run.

Our second group consists of those listed above as well as my Friend Lance or Thaysongaw which is his Native American name as well as his gamer tag and tumblr page http://redmayhem14.tumblr.com/ check him out. In this campaign we also have Lance’s brother Melvin and at times when he can get to a game Michael (I didn’t count him before when I was talking about losing and gaining because he makes it to maybe one game every few months. This campaign is being run by Lance and is set in his own world. We are in a desert setting in a country that was recently ravaged by war. The country currently has no functioning government and has been separated into ruling bandit guilds. I have posted about this one before, it is our evil campaign that went very evil very quickly. We have put the most time into this campaign this summer. Our group consists of Me playing a Pheolarch War Mage (this can be found in the complete arcane 3.5), Matt who is a Human Cleric, Melvin is playing a flying bird man fighter which I can not for the life of me remember what they are called right now, Ezra who is an Asharati rogue, Philip who is a Whisper Gnome Rogue, Michael is an Asharati ranger when he shows up, and I believe that leaves Alec who is Playing a sentient Dire Bear who is Tom son of Tom the Great Bear Lord of Tethyr (this is in reference to something that happened in one of our past games which can be found somewhere on this page..) We just claimed a city as our territory all the while fooling the Bear that we were the local Law enforcement so that he would help us over throw the current bandit lord. Playing evil is different and I’m not sure we will stick with it but for now that is that.

Our third group has actually just formed and we are hoping to pick up our old Star Wars game that ended in complete disaster summer of 2013. We are a team of Smugglers working for Black Sun. My Character Zed Kholar leads this band of ruffians in our YT-1300 (It’s the Millennium falcon basically). This campaign ended poorly due to the fact that we had some issues with one of our players and DM arguing about something which lead to things going very badly for our ship and half our crew… anyway we are retconning that little incident and starting slightly before that after we completed a mission of Yavin 4. So hopefully this starts off in a better direction than where we left it. Not too sure on who is playing other than myself, Alec, Matt, Lance and Ezra at the moment but hopefully not too many more. 

On a personal note other than my D&D happenings I have been looking for a job and have had many ups and downs. Hopefully things work out, I’m sure they will. I have been kind of working on some art projects but not much… I really need to start up again. I joined my dad’s Read a Fucking Book Men’s club and I got to pick this last months book, Neuromancer by William Gibson. It was an excellent read and I can see where so many Science fiction stories came from. If you’re a fan of Shadowrun then check out this book. 

So I have decided to make a female Drow Bard. Because Bards are awesome. Next level I will take a level in barbarian so I will create the most amazing combination, a Bardbarian! (This is a friend of a friends idea but I found it glorious) “Evil doers beware or you will feel the vibrant Chords of my axe!”


Ranger: Hey, guys! Come here! I found a key and some… crudely drawn pornography?

Wizard: Prison gold.

- My players trying to escape a gladiatorial arena 


Namárië, Professor.


Thanks for creating your world and inspiring so many more to be made!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi my husband has recently gotten into dnd and it's his birthday soon. I don't have a clue about this stuff but would love to get him something good. I'm very limited on money however, do you have any suggestions on what would be best? Thank you Answer

Hmmm, I always get super excited when my girl friend buys me dice. Dice are always good to have, plus they are pretty. On top of that when one set seems to be out to get you in a game you can always switch! So I would go with dice. If you’re looking online, you should look up Chessex dice. They have a huge variety of dice that should make a great gift! Hope this helped :)